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At Got-Autism, we see the potential in all children. Got-Autism is proud to present our line of “preferred products.” We know first-hand what it means to live and to work with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). In a continuous effort to save you time and to provide you with the very best that money can buy, we at Got-Autism carefully select our products – taking into consideration everything from benefits to cost, quality, durability and relevance. Our aim is not to present you with an endless range of choices, but to bring you the very “best therapeutic, educational and sensory solutions” all in one location. Our products have to impress mom – any mom, every mom – before we stand behind them. When you buy from Got-Autism, you can make your selections with confidence. Then, spend time doing the more important things in your life.

Got-Autism? Yes, we have Autism. And we get Autism!






BoW SmileGot-Autism’s Top Ten Products

Balancing Baker_Got-AutismBalancing Baker
Stack cakes and enjoy the see-saw action.

ugly dog1_Got-AutismUgly Dog
Happy or Angry, he’s squeezy fun!

Desk Exerciser_Got-AutismDesk Exerciser
Deep pressure for fidgety legs!

15 Puzzle_Got-AutismFifteen Puzzle
Classic puzzle to keep the brain nimble.

Aquarium Gel Pad_Got-AutismAquarium Gel Lap Pad
Cool or warm pad for calming comfort.

Play to learn Dominoes Friendship_Got-AutismFriendship Games
Learn to make friends, interact & socialize.

Speakers Box_Got-AutismCommunication Skills Games
Get the conversation going!


Gordians Knot_Got-AutismPuzzles & Brainteasers
Mental workouts are a must!